Big problem with recently installed Windows 7 RC Build 7100.

I downloaded and tried to install Windows 7 RC Build 7100 yesterday because Windows 7 Beta kept saying it was going to expire by the end of month. When installing, it said I couldn't upgrade from the beta and forced me to custom install. It used my Recovery (D:) Drive to install on and now when I boot, I can choose between the two OS: Build 7000 and Build 7100. I want to get rid of the new Build 7100. It doesn't even recognize my screen or monitor. It can't detect the settings of my laptop screen nor my separate monitor. Also, when I chose custom install, it installed as a new OS (deleting all my previous files). I had backed up my system on an external days before and tried to restore it. It took a couple hours to restore everything but when it finished, it looked exactly the same as the new OS. It said it was successful but nothing changed. When I choose my old OS (Windows Beta), all my files and settings are still here (it still recognizes my screen and monitor too) Something is wrong with my new Windows 7 OS. How do I get rid of it so that I don't have to choose two different OS when I boot my computer? How do I uninstall Windows RC? Please help! :confused:

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