Big Proplem

i have prople seems to be difficult .i have laptop asus f5 but the driver of the vga can't be recognized it's ati readon x1100 and i have windows 7 and i searched for the driver but it seems that there is no driver to windows7 to that vga card so if any one can help me please inform me in that mail cause i have exams :confused::confused: now plz thats important to me
any way i would be thankful if u try


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The first place I would try is Windows update. I found this also, assuming you are running x86.

i tried and it worked but i have another proplem about net cut when i had windows xp i usually install stop cut because some poeple cut on me but in windows7 i guess it seems that winpcap don't work on windows7 moreover it's 64bit if anybody have any idea about how it work please inform me thanx any way

if you get still xp what is the problem ? You switch to XP instead for exams !

no when i used xp "Stopcut" worked in right way but now i use windows 7 and when i install it it require to install " winpcap " but it's not compitaple with windows 7

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