VIDEO 'Bigfoot' Filmmaker Sues New Hampshire

An amateur filmmaker who donned a hairy Bigfoot costume and scared hikers on New Hampshire's Mount Monadnock is now suing the state for not allowing him back on the mountain without a permit.

Jonathan Doyle dressed up as the mythical Bigfoot, filmed part of a movie on the popular scenic mountain in 2009 and then interviewed hikers to get their reactions to what they saw.

Jonathan Doyle wears a Bigfoot costume in Jaffrey, N.H. An amateur filmmaker, he dressed up as the creature and filmed part of a movie atop Mount Monadnock in 2009.

"People loved it. It was socially engaging," Doyle said, according to My Fox Boston. "When I showed up at the top of the mountain dressed as Bigfoot and beating my chest, everyone just laughed and hoorayed."

But park rangers apparently didn't find his antics amusing.

When Doyle showed up again this past September to film a sequel, "The Capture of Bigfoot," he was stopped by a Monadnock park manager, who said the 30-year-old filmmaker would need a special permit.

Doyle had started shooting a skit (seen in the video below), showing Bigfoot approaching a man from behind, when he was interrupted by authorities.

A friend of filmmaker Jonathan Doyle wears a Bigfoot costume at the Keene Library in Keene, N.H. Doyle is suing the Granite State for not allowing him to shoot a Bigfoot film on a mountain without a permit.

After Doyle was told he was required to pay $100 for a special-use permit 30 days in advance and also had to get a $2 million insurance bond, an attorney friend contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. Now, with the ACLU on his side, Doyle is suing the Granite State for violating his free speech rights.

"Jonathan Doyle started this thing with nothing but good humor and intentions," said Barbara Keshen, a New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union attorney. "But it does have serious overtones."

While Keshen and the state filed motions in court this week, Doyle says he's only asking for attorneys' fees and nominal damages, and he'd like permission to videotape on Mount Monadnock. The main issue with this case is whether Doyle's First Amendment rights to free speech and expression were violated.

Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is the legendary tall, hairy, humanoid creature that has been reported by eyewitnesses mostly in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

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