Bigger taskbar icons?

How do I set my own size for taskbar icons? I'm trying the icon-only setup and I"d like to have the icons larger than the large ones - about the size of my medium desktop icons.


there is no way for custom size taskbar icons in 7 - there is only one option in the taskbar properties to make them smaller.

Well, THAT's unfortuate.....

Boy, it sure seems like I"ve seen AN AWFUL LOT of requests in here since October (when the "real" version hit the street) for customizations of the desktop, taskbar, start menu, event log, and lots of other stuff..... And WAY too often the answer comes back the same as it did this time "there's no way to do that customization in Windows 7"...

generally I would mean the 7-icons are really plenty large by default - not sure what's the reason behind it other than eye/sight problems.

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