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I have developed two different startups which switch one to the other each time I startup..
One starts as normal ie. Press power on, first screen says Press <F2> to enter startup.I do not press F2 and startup proceeds to coloured Win circling stars and all is well. Win then shuts down as normal on command.
Next time I Press Power on, first screen says Press<F2> to enter startup. Screen hangs here for ever.
Pressing <F2> does nothing. I need to power off to clear screen.
Next time I start the normal start happens.I can press F2 and get the normal startup parameters screen
Next time I start the hang happens. Pressing <F2> does nothing I can see.
And so on ad nauseum.
Restoring to earlier time has no effect.
I have been unable to fix this and have resorted to powering on twice every time.


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Have you previously had a dual boot set up on the machine - it sounds like you have a problem with the hard drive boot configuration.


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Thanks patcooke, I suspect you are correct although I do not know how it happened. Found that by using F12 at the right time that startup would work properly every time. I tried the win repair disk to no effect. Finally I changed startup to boot from CD and although I did not use the CD the startup worked fine every time. Then changed back to boot from HDD and all went well.
And still does although I have no idea what went wrong or what fixed it. C'est la vie.

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