Bios cant detect my second hard drive


I just installed a second hard drive but now when I boot my computer windows wont load unless i enter setup and tell it to boot from my main hard drive. BIOS won't detect this new hard drive and windows cannot detect it either.


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Are you sure that you connected the HDD correctly and configure the jumpers? (Slave\Master)?

Do you still have a valid warranty on the C HDD? It might be a HDD failure. We can get into this after you answer the first question.

No matter what order I put the cables in it is the same outcome. When I take the second hard drive out of the mix everything works fine.


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I had a computer once that would not boot if a drive was not configured correctly or at least set in a clean state. I had to take the drive out and format it in another system and then reinstall. Is this a new drive or if not, what is its current status as far a formatting?


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You didn't mention your knowledge about jumpers which could be the solution.
The jumpers are the most common problem. But There are so may other problems it could be. Like a problem in the bios (try updating or chose it to not auto detect) or a problem with the hard drive itself (are the heads spinning?) or maybe even a cable issue (though rare).

Follow guides on youtube or read articles to see if you are connecting and setting up your BIOS and drives correctly:
Let me google that for you

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