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Evening folks, Need some advice here obvioulsy. ive googled etc u name it. I (think) i am in possesion of the latest bios upate for my mobo P7H55-M which of course is my mobo, this is the update i have for it "P7H55-M-ASUS-1302". First i would prefer to backup my bios as it stands so i could restore the bios incase anything goes wrong with the update, this in itself needs explaning. I do have the original cd and manual that came with the mobo FYI, total jibberish to me.

Id extremely apprecatiate the advice.


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The ASUS motherboards are set up fairly well for updating a bios. It normally gives you two or maybe three ways to accomplish the task.

The one I use is to boot and get into the bios. Your manual should explain this and you just need to download the .bin file and put it where it can be found, like in C: \ or on a flash drive. Beyond that is it fairly simple.

You should have a copy of your original bios on the CD that came with your board. But you can always download another version.

To make sure we are looking at the exact board, is your description accurate, because I see a P7H55-M/USB3 which seems to have updates going to 1105 dated 6/8/2011. If you have a link for the correct board, include it.

If you want to go over the instructions, I can download the Owner's manual and check you steps.


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Why do you want to update the BIOS? This is not something normally recommended unless the new BIOS version specifically addresses a problem you are having.

Note that your motherboard should have come with a utilities disk that will include programs to update the BIOS. This can even be done from within Windows which makes it much easier.


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I did not check your model of MB but many ASUS MBs come with dual bios so if the main fails you can use the backup. Check their site or your manual.

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