Bird befriends schoolboy – and keeps landing on his head


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A jackdaw bird has become a real-life Kes after befriending schoolboy Emmanuel Adams while he walked to school - and has now moved into the boy's home.

The jackdaw began landing on the head of Emmanuel Adams as he walked to school, and now comes with him into his home, perching on the ten-year-old’s shoulder while he watches television.

It resembles the plot of the 1969 film Kes, in which a disillusioned schoolboy develops a relationship with a kestrel that he took from a nest.

The curious crow has been living with the Adams family for the past few days.

‘Any time I walk to school or come back, it goes on my arm,’ said Emmanuel, from Sunderland.

Since January, the bird pestered other pupils at St Mary's RC Primary School, dive-bombing them at breaks.

But the jackdaw has taken a particular shine to Emmanuel who insists that the bird is 'not a bully'.

His mother, Carolyn, 46, says: 'The bird took an instant liking to Emmanuel; he would approach him as he walked to school. He picked him out from the other school kids.

'One day he just sat on Emmanuel's arm and from then on he would go to school with the bird perched on his arm or shoulder.

'A lorry driver nearly crashed watching him; he was so amazed by it.'

He has named the crow Jack and Carolyn says she has been asking experts for advice about what to do.

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