Windows 7 BitDefender "Firewall"?


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I just finished updating my installation of the OutPost Firewall, and noted something curious in the process. As would be expected, Windows popped an alert that the Windows firewall was disabled, but this time included the BitDefender "firewall" in the alert.

Perhaps Windows sees BD as a firewall, but as far as I know, it is only an anti-virus. I will admit that there is a lot that I don't know about the program, because I only started using it recently, but it leaves me wondering if it does have some kind of firewall as well as AV capability?

Along the same lines, during the OutPost installation, it notes that BD is installed, and disables some part of it for compatibiity sakes, but when I then check BD, I find that the autoscan and update functions are turned off. Obviously, without those functions BD would be useless, so I turn them back on.

I don't know that this causes any problems, but then I don't know that it doesn't, because I understand that either dual AV or firewalls are not a good idea. However, Outpost Firewall doesn't have AV, and BD doesn't have a firewall...I think. Is there some other factor to be concerned about?


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Generally, you shouldn't have several security programs doing the same task. And, like a CEO of a renowned company stated, preferably get the whole security package from one house. That way it will be constant, and conflicts avoided.

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I know that bitdefender does have a firewall, but whether it was included with your installation, I do not know. I purchased the whole security package for three computers. It installed okay on my computer, but had problems with my husband's computer. When we tried to uninstall it to reinstall it, it seems to have caused his computer to crash.

I don't know enough about it to know whether it was the bitdefender program itself that caused the problem or a different program.