Bitlocker key


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Hi! I’m not good with computers and I really need help.
My PC (Microsoft surface book) asks a bitlocker key, but I don’t remember I ever made that. I tried with the key found on my Microsoft account but it doesn’t work. Also, the ID key in my account and the ID key in the computer are different. I’m pretty sure I don’t have other accounts to look in.
What can I do? It’s really important for me to not loose my files.

The bitlocker key is asked in order to restore the keyboard layout, is it really important? If I ignore this thing am I going to loose my files?

A button says “modify keyboard layout”, can I do this?

Thank you!!


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The bitlocker key is for recovery of an encrypted drive, or if the a TPM system integrity check has tripped. Depending on the circumstance you can see if a reboot will get around it or you may be SOL if you don't have the key.

No key = reinstall Windows.