Bitlocker Problems

I'm Currently on the verge of losing 300GBs of my files stored on my Portable Harddisk! PLEASE HELP!!!

I recently used bitlocker on my Windows 7 to encrypt my 500GB Portable Harddisk but decided to decrypt it when i found out that bitlocker can't be opened in XP or Vista.
But halfway through the decryption, i accidentally pulled my laptops cord, and since it didnt have its battery, it shutdown!! when booted again, i can't open my Harddisk anymore!!! When i Try to open bitlocker drive encryption in control panel, it just goes NOT RESPONDING

i'm DESPERATE!!!PLEASE HELP!!! Is there a bitlocker recovery tool for windows 7???

thnx cybercore...
but i've already tried those recovery tools which are only compatible for vista or server 2008. im running win 7

im panicking here...i broke my 250GB hard disk once, which was full of files...

i can't lose 300GBs of files again...

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