Bitmap in Chinese

Regard to the screenshot attached

Is this only for me or also for you guys (maybe a bug?)

It is only that little line which is always in chinese for me, the rest of the whole application and the whole windows 7 is in German (as it should be)

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for all new viewers:
I got Windows 7 build 7100

and closeup on the chinese part

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I really can't see the Chinese icon, could you get a closeup view of it?

Please look at the TITLE of the SAVE FILE window :)
i can try to get you a closeup tho


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What build are you using. Looks like one of those chinese put togethers from a german site. Why not start over and download the offcial RC from Microsoft.


1) When you view the link on the top right is a little icon to zoom into the screenshot

2) I bought a new computer with this Windows 7 included, I registered it with Microsoft and am always uploading ALL updates from microsoft, so im using the most up-to-date version

ive never had any problems with windows 7 :) im just wondering about this bug with the chinese statement


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A new computer, bought retail, would, under no circumstances, have Windows 7 installed. I think the seller may have installed the RC for you.That is not neccessarily illegal, but his source is in doubt.

Unfortunately, the RC is no longer available for official download. My previous post was in error.

yes it was installed by the seller for me (i liked that service)

but i had to register it wit microsoft when i first started the computer

i have the most up-to-date RC, and the offical one
it says "windows 7 ultimate" and i activated it with microsoft and i have automatic update enabled what else do you expect lol

could we come back to the topic?

if this would be a program with a bad source i wouldnt be able to download updates from microsoft right? lol so ye i believe its the normal stuff


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You can certainly get updates from Microsoft, if you have the product. If you are referring to the watermark, or the Winver window, there is nothing on either, with the RC, which says Windows 7 Ultimate.
I am on topic, as I was politely pointing out to you that you have a non Microsoft download, (which you may not have been aware of) which is the reason for the chinese text.

i dont believe you

i have a microsoft DL

I am referring to this: If you click on start, then right click on computer, then click on properties, youll see a window tellin you your Windows Edition: and it says Windows 7 Ultimate for me.

also it says on my desktop background on the bottom right side

Windows 7
Evaluierungskopie Build 7100

which is german for RC Build 7100

why are you tellin me that i got no microsoft dl
thats hilarious

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