Black desktop with cursor...?

My friend downloaded Microsoft SharedView from the Microsoft Connect website. He said after it installed it went to a black screen that stated either the hardware or software that was installed might not be working and that Windows will attempt to fix it. When it finished, it took him to a blank black screen, but it later turned blue and nothing else happened. He hard rebooted and it went into an infinite reboot.

He tried going into Safe Mode which brought up a blue desktop with cursor. Then he did a system restore and he was able to boot regularly to a black desktop with cursor. He got the same results with loading the "Last Known Good Configuration."

He tried bringing up the Task Manager with Alt Ctrl Del and Ctrl Shift Esc, in regular and Safe Mode, to try starting Explorer, but nothing came up.

He's using Vista 32-bit. I have 64-bit and was able to install the program with no issues. :/

Any thoughts?

Update: After he restarted it a couple more times it let him go into recovery mode and forced him to reinstall the OS. Ah well.

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