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I am running windows 7 64 bit with office 64 bit with 12 cores. I have a rather large Excel 2010 application that uses a great deal of cpu capacity. When my CPU capacity reaches 50%, my screens inside of the Excel windows go black and the system clock stops working. While this is happening I am only using 5GB of 25GB of available memory. I am not using a screen saver and I have the latest updates to my system including service pack 1.
Even though the application continues to run during this blackout, the result is the same as being dead in the water. I can run my mouse over some of the icons in my tray and they come to life which makes me believe that the graphics card is at fault here. I am using two monitors, one connected with HDMI and the other with DVI. When I close Excel everything returns to normal. I occassionally get warnings from Norton that one of my cores has maxed out. When I view the CPU usage history, it appears that Microsoft is doing a good job of distributing the work across the cores.
Well, I've blabbed enough here especially since I don't know anything about the subject matter. I would appreciate any things to try to prevent my Excel screens from going black. Thanks.

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I don't know much but would suspect the graphic card might be involved. Post the specs for your video card or cards.

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For starters, please update your video card Catalyst drivers at AMD Support & Drivers

I would lean more twards the processor than the graphics card. Though in this I would say it is a software issue more than a hardware issue. I would say that there is something wrong with the Office itself. i got a test version of 2010 64 bit and I remember there was some issue with it that we found, that it would cause crashes and system instability. Never found a reason for it, just reinstalled and went back to 2007.

dri 4.png dri 3.png dri 2.png dri 1.png

Using Uniblue scanner I identified the following drivers as being out of date. Which one(s) should I download?

Problem Solved:
The particular Workbook triggering the "Black Secondary Screen" problem was replicating itself in the VBAProject explorer. Upon removing the com addins associated with this Workbook, the replication ceased and the screen problem disappeared.


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Thanks for sharing the resolution to your problem. To stay on the up side of things, go to Support for the Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility to ensure your Intel Chipset drivers are up-to-date. This may improve overall system reliability and prevent performance degradation. I am basing this off of the responses you showed from the screenshots of DriverScanner.


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