Black Screen after sleep mode/turning on monitor

Just recently I have been getting a black screen upon returning to my computer after sleep mode and more recently if I turn my monitor off for a longer period of time. The monitor signals that it is on (LG Flatron wide screen - light is blue = on) and shows the logo of the monitor turning back on when it is awake but will give me a black screen as though the video is lagging to turn on. I have noticed that if I leave it long enough it will eventually turn back on but only after 10 minutes or so. Please note that this issue is only recently occurring and has been working for months up until a few days ago.

I have tried a number of things such as updating my videocard drivers to it's newest available catalyst drivers. I have all the latest windows 7 updates on this computer. I tried using the secondary video port (this actually allowed my screen to show up right after having the issue but continues). I tried changing the power setting on the USB to never sleep, didn't work (as some people have mentioned it could be related to USB). I tried disabling sleep mode entirely after trying various combination's including turning PCIexpress suspended modes off. So even with sleep mode completely turned off, if I turn my monitor off and later turn it on again, the issue still appears where I get a black screen for an extended period of time. I either have to wait until the video eventually shows up again, or reboot the PC. I am now considering either doing a windows repair from the disc although I don't know how well that will go as some people mention it being an issue with a windows update. I downloaded the latest nForce motherboard drivers and am about to try this. I thought I would try here before doing anything drastic to see what I could do to fix this issue. I have attached the .dmp file to this post if needed. Please help! :)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual 5200+ 2.61GHz
Nvidia nForce 590 SLI motherboard
4GB Ram DDR2
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Radeon Asus EAH 4830 512mb Video Card


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Just to rule out a hardware issue and confirm that this is indeed a software issue -- have you attempted to connect a different monitor to see if these same symptoms arise?

Or, have you attempted to connect this monitor to another computer to see if the problem is this computer specific?


Ugh!! It is my monitor, ouch >_<
Tried with a different video card, same results, then tried with my monitor hooked up to my boyfriend's computer and it had the same issue again.. so that means I go buy a new monitor that isn't an LG.

Thanks for the help. :)

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