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AMD A64 3000+ on Asus K8Ne with 1024 MB Ram and 2 HDD drives (WD ATA 120GB + WD SATA2 1TB) + ATI Radeon HD 2400 (no new hardware for a long time)

I have installed W7 on sata drive to dual boot with old XP on ATA. Installation went fine. then I installed drivers (only AC97) and software. Computer was running fine for about a week. Windows did an update but it was several days ago and nothing bad was happening. Yesterday i did almost only Internet browsing and instaled adobe PS so nothing special and closed computer normally.

Today I am unable to boot windows 7. After start I get the menu to choose which OS I want (W7 or older version of windows) when I choose W7 i get a black screen (no cursors, no animation, no nothing). The same thing happens when i press F8 (black screen no menu to boot in safe mode)

I booted from W7 DVD. System recovery did nothing, no erlier points to roll back (and i am almost sure i created one after drivers install) from there I opened CMD and tried to run SFC on drive with W7. I got no errors.

So if anyone knows how to get W7 up again pleas let me know. But from my previous experience with such situation I don't believe I will be able to get it running. So a second question:

When I try to access W7 folders in XP i get access denied. Is there a way to access them?


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have you tried removing the xp hd to see if that will allow you to boot to 7? If so, perhaps you'll be able to repair os?
This link should help in gaining access to the files: How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

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I removed XP HDD and at first I got a "no bootmngr" msg or something like this. Then I booted form W7 dvd repaired and rebooted. Now I have only blinking cursor (like in comand line). Tryied again from DVD the repair tool said there was no errors. I have tried a "bootsect /nt60 all" from CMD but no change.

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