black screen an pointer???

I recently had my laptop crash on me, I recently returned from Iraq and lost all of my recovery disks for vista, so I decided to upgrade to windows 7. I purchased an oem install, and got win7 installed and working, but it decided to stop working for me. When I try to start windows normally the computer reboots until I choose to do a startup repair, when I choose startup repair it "loads", I see the activity bar, and then it goes away and I end up with a black screen and pointer. I haven't really gotten anything installed that I can't reinstall, so I tried to reinstall win7 and end up with the same as if I try startup repair, I get nowhere... can someone please help me save my (now) paperweight?

Nobody has a clue on this one for me?

Need to do a reinstall and boot from cd/dvd. Load the OEM cd/dvd, restart, before you get to the windows screen, try tapping the F2 key (F10, F11, F12), to get in to your bios and change the boot order to boot from cd. Then restart and you should get "boot from cd press any key" screen.

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