Black Screen During login

Yes, I know, this has been asked across the internet a million time. And trust me, I've gone through pages and pages of Google results trying every fix.

As you've guessed, as soon as I've entered my username and password it takes FOREVER to login (the blue screen with the spinning, thing, takes about a minute along rather than the usual few seconds ) then after that's finally over I just get a black screen, and about a minute or two later explorer loads up.

So the whole login process is taking around 3 minutes longer than usual, and has been doing so for weeks (I got so fed up of looking for fixes every night I've resorted to begging for help). I've tried downloading and running a fix that was recommended on a thread on this site, tried changing things in regedit, removing then installing the graphics drivers etc.

I'm not sure exactly what caused this problem, I'm assuming something that I installed but do not ask me what it was, because I remember installing a few things around that time, and it was a while ago so I don't have a clue. I've seen suggestions of doing a system restore but I've left it too long for that, and cannot afford to loose any data.

For the record, this is Windows 7 (64 bit) running on a Macbook. Thanks.


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How about a restore point?
Do you have one from before the problem started?


A restore point? Sorry, don't use windows much, is that something I would have had to have done manually? If so, then nope! :(

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