Black Screen of Death upon login?

I just installed Windows 7 Home Professional and as soon as the boot screen ends, it just goes black. I can hear the system sounds and everything, though. Hell, I can login by putting my password in but after that, I'm as blind as a bat. Literally, I cannot see anything. 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' doesn't work either. Nothing works. It's as if the monitor is off since I can technically use the computer properly...if I had it all memorized.

I've been able to go into safe mode with no problems. But as soon as I try to boot up normally, same problem happens. I'm going to try the Repair console but please, if anyone knows how to fix this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you.


I tried the Repair Console and nothing seemed to help it out.

I'm really stuck, guys. Please help?

Re: [update]

Have you taken Restore points? If you've taken Restore points, you should be able to fix this issue by restoring a healthy backup taken before the issue occurred (this will affect system files and programs only), or open the System Restore command prompt and enter "sfc \scannow". This may fix the problem.

The only other option I see is to re-image (reset) your computer. Since you can't access your computer to back up your files, you may need to plug your hard drive into another computer in a secondary hard drive slot and transfer your files off there.

It happened to me too, and the only way that I could fix it was with System Restore.

Good luck Angel.

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