BLACK Screen of Death

I've seen numerous troubleshooting, questions, and suport pages for black screens of death. The problem, however, is what I HAVEN'T found. I HAVEN'T found is a solution to MY problem specifically. Allow me to describe my problem. Having persisted for quite a while, every time I play a 3D game (Specifically Minecraft. It happens to other games, but not nearly as fast.), I may be able to play for five to ten minutes before my screen turns black. (As if the monitor disconnected.) You may at this point have many solutions to the problem in your mind, but I bet I've tried them. A common problem with Minecraft is that Java doesn't do its garbage collecting correctly - which happens often if you have the wrong version of Java for your OS. When I read that, I played Minecraft with the specs up. The allocated memory was at about 50%, wnd the usage of that memory was only at about 13% when it crashed. It also seemed to be doing the garbage collecting proberly (The memore usage would go up to 30% or so and drop back to around 13%). Now it would take a bit too long to explain ALL my trial and error, so if you have any questions please ask. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise x64 (Just reformatted on account of that problem). On a side note, the problem is getting worse (Every time it happens, it seems to happen faster the next time). I used to deal with it, as I could play for a few hours without it happening. Thanks for reading.


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I have to ask the obvious question, is it a laptop? Have you checked the temps?

(cpu-z, gpu-z free to download and use)

Hahaha, no it's not a lap top. Should have said that in the first place, I used to have a overheating problem, but it's fixed now. The problem can happen within 5 minutes of my PC turning on, or hours. But it's always within 5 minutes of my starting the actual game.


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Any chance it is related to running games in the Enterprise version?

Does the computer really freeze, have you tried hitting the Winkey, right arrow, right arrow, enter to see if it will shut down?

Have you tried another monitor? I assume you have tried another video card?

Have you tried changing the resolution in the game or reducing the video requirements?

As for running games on the enterprise version, the problem is new and I've been running Win 7 enterprise since before its official release. (My father's industry is with computers, so I get all the shiny stuff.) Yes, the computer does freeze and I have tried that... I have tried another monitor, and no I have not tried another video card. We really can't afford that at the time, thanks to my step mom buying expensive clothes and purses, presumably thinking that credit card meant free stuff. :frown:

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