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    Good Afternoon, All-Knowing Win-7 Gurus;

    It seems as I have read a bazillion (give or take) threads regarding the Black Screen of Doom. To this point, none of the solutions has helped my (innumerable) issues. I am experiencing this screen and all of it's glory. It occurs as my beloved machine is (attempting) to wake from sleep/hibernate AS WELL AS minimizing/ALT+ENTER/ALT+TABbing after being on for a short attempt at impersonating a Foolhardy Adventurer within the magical realm of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Yes, I am old enough to know better (get off my lawn, you brats!) as well as know enough about these new-fangled machines to get meself in dire straits on occasion. The attached files are CPUID's first five tabs. All power saving/transferring/eliminating/kablooing/changing efforts have been made per other recommendations from these forums. No change to date, with the same issues.

    Thank you in advance for any and all (positive) assistance. Again, please be gentle, as I know just enough about Windows to get in trouble.

    Most Sincerely,

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