black screen when resuming from sleep


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I have Win 7 (64bit) Home Premium. I have been experiencing black screens after resuming from sleep or hibernate. The system doesn't seem to hang, only refuses to display anything. I need to push the restart button for few seconds to shut off the PC. When started everything works fine. Please advise..

Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 245
On board video

This is the only problem I'm having with 7. Everything else works great. I just set the power settings to never go to sleep.


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Does the light on the monitor show no signal? Have you tried recycling the power switch on the monitor? How old in your monitor?

There may be a setting for your video card or monitor regarding power settings, I will check around.

You guys both need to update your computer specs.


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Try going to Control Panel > Power Options, choose the Advanced settings and take a look at the options available.


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Yes, monitor shows signal. I haven't try power switch.. I'll try. The monitor is pretty new, Acer P_223W.


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I have the same monitor.

Did you install the update for it from Windows Update?


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Yes, I think I did install monitor driver via Windows update


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Could you please include the specs on your motherboard so we can identify the onboard video.

I think I have all of my specs listed now.

Thanks, I got the G33/G31 updated.


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Did that solve the problem completely?

I have motherboard Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H. I installed VGA driver and now resuming from standby works fine. Thanks, guys.


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Glad to hear you got it!!

Am having the same problem - I can wake it by pressing Ctl-Alt-Del - the screens wakes up and I cancel the Task Manager. If I hit the power button the machine turns off. The other keys are active but do nothing. C-A-D works everytime. No password on wakeup. ALL power settings are at "Never". It's not supposed to sleep at all! I have a 2 yr old Toshiba Laptop Qosmio AV-412 with 500GB HD, W7 Ver 6.1 Build 7600, just found MSINFO is not a recognized command -
Also - have a complaint about W7 - when expanding/collapsing folders it pops the cursor back to where I was previouslt instaed of keeping me near the folder I was working. Very irritating.

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