Blank external monitor screen no internal LCD...

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW140E with a broken LCD that I am attempting to put 7 onto. After the second restart, the restart that leads to you inputting your username, computer name, password, and date time, during the OS install the signal stops being broadcasted to the external monitor that I have plugged in. Since there is no LCD attached this leaves me with no means to look at what I am doing and completing the install. So I went ahead and removed the hard drive from the Vaio and put it in my other computer and finished the OS install. The drivers won't allow me to install the drivers while the hard drive is hooked into the other computer because it checks the computer information and tells me that I am not using a Vaio. Now 7 will atleast start up and go directly to my desktop when I start the computer. Thing is that sony computers need a specific driver for the FN keys to work which leaves me unable to press FN+F7 to switch between monitors. Also Win+p does not change the monitor so that I can see what I am doing. I even attempted to place a shortcut on the desktop to the application that is Accessories that allows you to connect the computer to a projector. I start the computer blindly and click the desktop and press d and then enter which should startup the application but it does not make it so that I am able to see anything from the monitor. When I run the computer in Safe Mode the external monitor is on and I can navigate through the OS without any problems. But since it is in safe mode whenever I attempt to install the drivers it informs me that the setup was unsuccessful. I can't find a way in safe mode to make it so that it will use the external while I am in safe mode.

I am starting to run out of ideas on how I can go about getting this to work. If I could only get the computer to boot with the same drivers and services as safe mode but without being in safe mode so that I can install the drivers I need for the fn keys then I should be able to get this up and running.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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