Blank icons in Win 7 systray

Calamity James

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This has been bugging me for a while, we got the full version of 7 Pro through Microsoft Action Pack a few months back but i've waited until the general release as I thought maybe it would have been solved with an update of some kind before the full release.

Anyway, after leaving the PC on for a while, some of the icons in the systray are completely blank, double clicking them still takes me to the applications as per normal, but it's becoming a bit irritating now!

Here's a screenshot:
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Anyone have any ideas? Google draws a bit of a blank (no pun intended :rolleyes:)



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James, have you tried actually running the icons in the task bar? If you right-click on the start orb and choose properties you can make changes there (see screenshot)

Calamity James

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Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, doing that just repeats the problem, but shows them all at once:
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But in the preferences menu all the icons are listed correctly:
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