blank screen after boot. restore to no avail!!!


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Hi all, I hope this is the correct forum for the problem I am having. I looked at a few pages of other similar problems but none seem the same as mine.

So my lenovo sl510 laptop is now not showing a login screen after boot. I could hear the login chime and login but no screen. Its as if the display driver isnt being loaded at boot time. I dont recall doing anything to cause this (ie deleting anything) so im lead to believe it is a malware virus problem. I could login via safe mode and I tried a few things including changing/disabling the display settings and system restore (lenovo's softare). none of which worked. I ended up just restoring the system from the backup disks that I burned when I recieved the laptop and I still have the same problem. which is strange because I thought that it would wipe everything out and reinstall from scratch, hence eliminating my problem. I know its not the hardware bc ubuntu works fine(dual boot). I understand that a recent update from microsoft is to blame for many similar problems but they all seem to accur after login, which isnt what Im experiencing. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!


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What seems to be going on from your description is the video signal is going somewhere other than your laptop display. You said you tried changing the resolution, which may have helped, but does not seem to have. Did you try using the basic video option?

Windows does supply driver updates for devices, and video is one they seem to do. In safe mode you should be able to roll back a video driver to correct the problem or replace it. Since you state you have re-installed your system, this would not make sense unless you allowed the drivers to be reloaded.

Any chance you have your system set to use dual monitors? Have you tried an external monitor to test?

And viruses do seem to be evident now for some reason. It is hard to say what one of those might do. Possibly running a bootable anti-virus might help.

How are you dual booting, using the Windows 7 boot or GRUB?


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Thank you for such a fast reply! So as it turns out connecting my laptop to a external monitor now works. I can now get into safe mode but still unable to fix the problem. I agree with the signal going elsewhere. I am now using a desktop monitor but still cant seem to find any fixes. I cant rollback the driver as there are no drivers to roll back to on this newly installed system. It shows that I have two monitors when I am connected to an external monitor. I do believe that it is a driver issue or some sort.

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so I figured out the problem, I uninstalled my intel graphics driver and my computer now works again. thanks for your help!

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