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Heay everyone,

I am having an intermittent problem with Windows 7 Professional (x64) on both the machines I have a copy on.

Occasionally I will boot up, the start up animation happens, then the Windows welcome screen and finally it will go black with a white cursor on which can be moved.

Rebooting will does nothing for it, the only way it is fixed is to boot into low resolution mode and then increase it to the setting I usually use. It’s a work around, but just seems odd.

The laptop one copy is installed on is a Compaq Presario V6000 and I was running Window 7 Ultimate RC on it with no problem, and the other machine is a custom build hi spec one. Both have the most up-to-date drivers on and good hard drives.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction or even a Microsoft helpline I could phone as it’s annoying that software I paid for is messing up.



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While you have the black screen, can you hit CTRL-ALT-Del and get to the task manager? Someone the other day could do that and then start Explorer.exe to get the display.

Next time you are in your system, check the Event Viewer for Warnings or Errors that might help lead to the problem.

Where did you get the video driver for your system?

If several computers are experiencing the exact same problem, I might look at the install DVD for problems. Maybe using an Administrative command prompt and type sfc /scannow


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Occasionally I will boot up, the start up animation happens, then the Windows welcome screen and finally it will go black with a white cursor on which can be moved
When this occurs tap Alt-CTL-DEL. See if explorer.exe is in the task list .

If not, choose New > Task, and type in explorer.exe.

This should bring your desktop up and continue to bring it up if you reboot.

Sound kind of crazy, but it worked for me.


Went blank again today, did the Ctrl+Alt+Del but no Task manager comping up.

The drivers I have got from the official sites (ATI, Creative) so I am abit stuck. I mean other than that it's all working fine so I am at a loss to think it's a duff DVD install.... :(


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Did you try sfc /scannow as both Saltgrass and me posted at the same exact time?

Where did you get your drivers from........Wuindows Update or directly from the manufacturers site?

How old are your monitors? what are their refresh rates? I had a similar problem and replacing the monitor has solved the problems of the random black screen


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I want to thank everyone for their help. Problems solved and it was not what I was expected at all. After going through all of these issues it appears to boil down to a 9 year old Proscan LCD moniter that was dying. The slow refresh rate was causing conflicts it appears and finally went up in smoke. (literally) While I was getting all the error messages the screen would randomally go black and to recover I had to put the computer to sleep and then restart. There appears to be a lot of that going on recently.

Forum kink..........


Well my laptop is 3 years old this coming April and my other one is just over a year old but is my 42 inch LCD Samsung TV, and I aint planning on replacing that anytime soon :D

The drivers were direct from the Vendor site... the graphics one was released last month on 22nd.

I have not tried the sfc/scannow... I will do later tonight and let you know waht happens... bloody Windows /shakesfist

Ran SFC on both my machines and both said:

Windows Resource Protection did not find any intergrity violations.

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