blank screen... only mouse cursor visible

Lost power last night... so windows was not shut down properly. Upon startup, I lost some services - wireless, print services, some programs not running, etc... I went online to search for solutions. At some point I reached a 'windows validation' failure screen (in retrospect, some spyware/virus?), and followed suggestions to uninstall my last windows update. Upon restarting, I get past the 'windows is starting' flower, but then get a blank screen with the mouse cursor visible.

I have tried starting in safe mode, but get the blank screen and mouse cursor as before.
I have tried windows recovery console, but can't get past the request for admin password (doesn't recognize the password).
I have tried booting from disc - this worked - and I run startup recovery. No errors noted. I restart and get the blank screen with mouse cursor.

I'm running windows 7 home premium...

thank you for any help/suggestions.


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Using Startup Repair - try the System Restore option.
Set the computer back a week or two to see if that helps.

If not, then post back for more suggestions.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried system restore and also image recovery... unfortunately, 'no restore points have been created...' I must not have done that since my win7 install a month back... neither one worked.

I have run hard drive diagnostics with no errors to this point...


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There's not much that can be done if System Restore isn't working.
There are lot's of things to try - but in my experience I've found that they rarely accomplish anything useful.
At work we try System Restore (and a virus removal in PE mode) - and if that doesn't fix it, then we wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

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