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I have a different setup in that I have two Windows 7 Pro machines in a workgroup. One machine RDP’s into the other. I need to block IE access on both PC’s still allowing RDP access. I know I can rename the executable and I think there may be a way to block port 80 in the windows firewall but is there anything else that I can do? Are there any third party apps that will do this? If I can block it for one user that would be best but if I need to block everyone that will do as well. Any suggestions will be great.


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you can use a user account mode that can limit functions, the parental mode allows you to specify programs and features that are allowed to be used, or theres group policies you can change, although thats something for the more informed forum chaps to advise you about.


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The easiest way to get this done is to create a proxy connection that doesn't go anywhere.
In the search box type
internet options
and hit enter
select the connections tab and then the LAN settings button
Select Use a proxy server for your LAN in the Proxy server frame
add the address and 80 for the port number
select the check box to bypass proxy server for local addresses
and OK your way back out of there.
See if that helps.


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good idea, as long as the tinkering users don't know how to change it...

Thanks, I give that a try.

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