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Yet again my Windows 7, 64 bit program has preventing me opening an attachment sent to me from a trusted source, on the basis that it could be ANNPATpotentially harmful. Can I override this blockage?


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Some additional detail might be helpful.
Which program (email,IM program, etc.,) probably not actually Win 7, more likely the security settings of the program you are using.
For instance Microsoft Outlook. Read this You may receive an "Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments" message in Outlook there is an explanation of some work around techniques as well as information as to how to set the various security values in the registry for different versions of Outlook


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Windows Live Mail?
If so, click the options. (Click the small dark blue icon top left) Scroll down and select Options then safety options, then the "security" tab.

UNtick "Do not allow attachments...etc.

My thanks to davehc for replying to my query, apologies for the late reply. I have tried your suggestion but regret to report it has not overcome my problem.ANNPAT

Trouble. My apologies for late reply. Thank you for your interest. Busy week end and when I do get on my computer, I just go round in ever decreasing circles and usually achieve nothing. The attachment that has been sent to me and received as Windows Live Mail is a Flight Simulation aircraft file .exe which I wish to include in my FS2004, Microsoft Games. My Windows 7, 64 bit has blocked access to this file on the grounds that it is potentially harmful. ANNPAT


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If this is a Windows Live Mail (HotMail) account, you will likely need to have the person sending you the file compress (zip) it or otherwise alter the file extension to something other than .exe (.jpg and change it back to .exe when you save it) before sending. It is not Windows 7 blocking the file.


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Trouble is on the money. But I would also suggest it is rather pondrous to send such large files by Email attachments. You could ask your correspondent to put it up on a hosting site? Several are free.
Here is a nice one that I use, for example.

DivShare - Professional Media and Document Sharing

Thank you again 'Trouble'. I will follow up this proposal. ANNPAT

Thank you again davehc. Will follow up. ANNPAT

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