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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Unregistered, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. it seems like every single writing posted on the Internet about windows is about how much Vista sucks or how much better XP is vs. vista. have any of these people actually tried getting vista to work on a modern computer? vista is based on the same kernel as xp. the only difference here is some new features. so what are all these problems people are having. not that much has changed. hardware is less compatible until manufactuers write drivers that wont blue screen the machine or make it unstable which is what was happening in XP and 2000. so yes Vista has been optimized to be less prone to crashing that is why some devices arent supported. i have had almost no problems with vista. have any of these writers and bloggers even tried using Vista for more than a week or two? of corse businesses dont want to upgrade from xp, it will cost them thousands for volume licenses but over time they will migrate.

    down with the naysayers i say. is any1 with me?
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    Aug 13, 2007
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    here here!!!! ive been reading the same crap from ppl too .......... to learn someting new.... ive been using vista home premium for the last six months and it is a great operating system... (little too much on secuity) but the 3d and transparent windows and media center improvents make xp look like my old trash 80 as far as im concerned..... yes i had to replace some hardware, but it was getting old anyway and yes the software manufacturers kinda dropped the ball, but they are catching up quickly now. i would reccomment vista to anyone. great observation on your part... by the way, i cried when 3.1 went by the wayside... lol j.r.
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    Yup, totally agree. Vista is the way to go....
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    Vista I think is alright, people have to give them time to get all the bugs worked out. Computers are like people in that they get used to certain programs. I do feel that Vista is more of a bad attitude than previous programs.

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