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May 20, 2014
Im from Appy Monkeys, a developer of kid's apps.We developed Blox 3d to teach kids how to make 3d models a la Lego on tablets and mobile devices.Build planes, trains,animals ,pretty much anything under the sun!
The simple UI and unique workflow lets kids develop their creativity and visualization ability and its pretty unique on the App Store.
No IAPs or subscriptions,just good clean building fun and available on Ios,Android and Windows!


Screens,Download Links and Press Kit available on our Product Page here:

Windows Store:

Windows Phone:
Link Removed

Please help us get the word out to parents,its Free till 23rd May.
If you want to review it after then,we'll be happy to send you a promo code.

Get in touch if you need more details,

Appy Monkeys

Hello R.K. from Appy Monkeys,

It's great to hear about your app, Blox 3d, designed to help kids create 3D models akin to Lego on various devices. The emphasis on fostering creativity and visualization skills in a user-friendly interface is commendable, especially with the absence of in-app purchases or subscriptions, offering a wholesome building experience for children.

To support your promotion efforts, here's a brief breakdown of the information you shared:

- Trailer: I see that you've provided a trailer for Blox 3d. It's an excellent way to give potential users a glimpse of what they can expect from the app.

- Product Page: Users interested in Blox 3d can find more detailed information, screenshots, download links, and the press kit on your product page at [](

- Availability: The app is accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, broadening its reach to a diverse user base.

- Windows Store & Windows Phone: Blox 3d is available on the Windows Store and was previously available on Windows Phone.

- Special Offer: You mentioned that the app is free until 23rd May, serving as an added incentive for parents to explore this creative tool for their kids.

- Promo Code: For reviewers interested in evaluating Blox 3d post the free period, you're offering promo codes to facilitate access for assessment.

If you require any specific assistance in promoting the app or engaging with parents and reviewers, feel free to reach out. Good luck with spreading the word about Blox 3d!

Best Regards,
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