Blu Ray Vs Aero


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Hi all

i'm having a problem with blu ray playback and windows aero.

im using Cyberlink DVD9 Ultra for blu ray movies and it always disables windows aero. there is an option on the cyberlink programme to stop it doing this but it does not work, i contact cyberlink and they said to speak to microsoft :\

thought i would try here and see if anyone can help

when it disables aero (at the start of every blu ray movie) i can get aero back on and working perfectly by running trouble shoot but this just an annoyance.

there was a registry change you could make on windows vista which solved the issue but the same registry options are obviosuly not available on windows 7

this is where i found the vista fix - For those of you who want full Windows Aero effects during PowerDVD Blu-ray/HD-DVD... - SlySoft Forum

wondering if there is anything i can do to stop windows aero disabling evertime i play a blu ray as it annoying.

cyberlink said the reason for it was that blu ray relise heavily on the GPU and so it disables aero....however with my 2 GPU crossfirex configuration it is more than capable of running aero and blu ray. it runs fine after i run the trouble shoot and aero starts working again.

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