blue screen bonanza!!


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:confused:I've heard a lot about this blue screen thing on other forums. They call it the blue screen of death????Or, (BSOD). It's caused by a corrupt registry or bad DLL'S or physical dump memory. Have you tried this place that 100% guaranteed- scan and repair. Free download ( It is listed in the Internet as Windows Blue Screen Error. I've never tried it, hope all works out. Sincerely, Celestra P.S. Make sure to check these Internet places out, I've heard of all kinds of scams. Maybe it's valuable.......Or not.


prelude to crash 1/4/08 lost lots even tho ran 4 drives didn't b/u for 30 days! my mistake caused by internal error 2343 lost video card fx5200 lost contact with printer hp psc2110, then hours later CRASH