Blue Screen error 0x70860002

Not sure what to do
everytime i start windows screen pops up, then resets, plus repeats
i can access safe mode sometimes, like 1 in 10 tries
safe mode with command works

Anyone have any ideas what to do

it is a tosiba qosmio and about 3 months old.

last thing installed on nov.25 (according to control panel-programs)

Hi and welcome.

Go to safe mode + networking. Copy the files in C:\Windows\Minidump to any other folder, then zip them and attach the zip here.

While in safe mode, visit Toshiba's site and install all the newest drivers.

Oh oh...

I'm working on a friend's father's Qosmio F60 which gave me the same BSOD error code after sitting on the login screen (while I was waiting to get the Windows password from them--since the system booted for me at first)...

Coincidentally I have my friend's girlfriend's Qosmio (same model!) which was giving a BSOD that they tried to fix via factory restore (however it cycle boots after reaching Windows desktop)...

Could be a buggy driver push by MS update? Maybe a time-based virus?!

Who knows! Alas I will be spending way too much time trying to figure this out probably... hate to tell them to send both units back to Toshiba though!

I will monitor (and try to update this thread) as I proceed.

Going to try the usual things to start: memtest/prime stress, maybe hard drive tests...

...or you can make it easy on yourself and attach what I've asked for...

...or you can make it easy on yourself and attach what I've asked for...
Thanks for the offer but I know how to read a minidump and I've already fixed one of the units.

I believe it may be a bad RST driver, or related issue.

I haven't had a chance to sit in front of the units to really get into the repair as I've been busy at work (I manage a computer store of all things!)

Just because you know how to read them doesn't mean you can come to the same conclusion. ;)

I've repaired more Windows 7 machines online than anyone in the world and have an eye for certain things that nobody else could possibly have. I understand why things happen which would not be apparent to anyone else.

Other than that, really no sense or point to this thread...

You're welcome.

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