Blue screen error + few small gameing compatibility issues

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    Hi as this is my first post on these forums, let me first commend you all on such a good site! having allready had numerous problems solved just by reading the post's of others.

    There are a few features that make this site particularly good, but also I get a good vibe from the community side off thigs 2. :):)

    Now to the main problem,

    I am using an asus "stricker2extream" motherboard with a q9650 cpu. Ram corhair dominator gt ddr3 1600hrtz (running at motherboard standered speed in bios).

    Vga is nvidea gtx280,

    hard disk samsung spinpoint F1 1Tb,

    Psu Enermax galaxy 1000w vertion 2.

    All driver's are latest edition vista 64bit exept Vga wich is 190.38 windows7 64bit driver.

    Motherboard bios is latest asus 1203.

    The system (win7 64bit) runs fine after a little bit of tinkering with the uac to allow asus pc brobe and acpi driver. The blue screen off death mainly come's when the system is idle for few hours or very ocaitionally when i'm using it allthough there have been no obviose triggers.

    My system has a water-cooled cpu and Motherboard chipset.It also has a huge 22cm fan +5 12cm fans so my system temps are fantastically low,,,

    Cpu currently - 21c

    chipset nb - 27c

    mem - 34c

    vrm heatsink - 32c

    Psu - 29c

    There have been a couple of other things that may have something to with this problem (or not lol) when I installed crysis my antivrus (kaspersky win7beta) sugested suspect activity in registry, even after i reformated the c drive and re-installed the os and kaspersky (not attaching ethernet cable until kaspersky was fully installed and then vigerously virus scanning the the computer,,,In the end I assumed it was just some sort off ea spyware and told kaspersky to ignore it. Since then "crysis" and the expantion "warhead" have been fine???

    Also having problems with "company of heroes" game will get to log in screen then crashes back to desk top with no error message. All patches install ok as dous game.

    So far have tried running as admin with compatibility set to vista64sp2...

    Also I have yet to find a fix for win7 not being able to negotiate my router firewall yet (xp did it fine)

    Apart from these few things wni7 is shaping up to one good os, i cant wait to get my hands on the full retail vertion!!

    Also I am wandering if these ocaitional crashes are just due to running a beta os, still I'd appreciat any tips as to how i can diagnose the problems..
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