blue screen error (memory managment)

hi every body,
im new here, i need your help please guys.I bought a new pc with these information :
Intel core-i5 760 2.8
gigabyte 460gtxOC
4 giga ram (2x2) corsair 1600mhz
PSU 600watt.
I've installed all the stuff and then the windows 7 ultimate i started all was fine until the Blue Screen has made it appearance. i formated again and installed again the same windows and before the installisation i run the mem test with no errors.yesterday was all fine but unfortunately today i m having again the same BS error.
I've done every thing you said in the forums but i couldn't find the solution.the error information is this :

problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1032

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 24
BCP1: 00000000001904FB
BCP2: FFFFF8800319A4B8
BCP3: FFFFF88003199D20
BCP4: FFFFF880012262B1
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:
please heeeeelp...i m really comfused...let me know if you need further information.

Hello and welcome.


Copy the files there to any other folder. Then zip them and attach the zip to a post here. We'll see what's going on.

Re: blue screen error (memory managment)

Hello and welcome.


Copy the files there to any other folder. Then zip them and attach the zip to a post here. We'll see what's going on.​
wow you are really fast guys thanks, give me one minute please to check what youneed and i ll be back..i on line from my laptop cause the pc shows the bluscreen after orminutes.

No need to wait. The files needed have already been created and are there. :)

ok here is the attachment take a look please...:eek:


Very likely there is defective memory. Here are steps that need to be done for now though:

1) Update video card driver:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Mon Jun 14 00:53:52 2010


2) Uninstall ESET in safe mode using the tool here:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Reboot and install MSE to replace it.

3) Visit the manufacturer's site of your wireless adapter. Download and install the newest update:

netr7364 netr7364.sys Thu Mar 12 23:13:08 2009

4) Update Realtek HD Audio driver:

RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Fri Mar 26 06:30:50 2010

Run the .exe download once. Reboot. Then run it again to completion:


5) Update Realtek lan driver:

Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Mar 04 08:42:52 2010


6) Post new crashes if they happen after doing this. Then also along with that, post a screenshot of a program called CPU-Z. We need to see the spd and memory tabs.

i've done these steps...
1 : i change the ram slots and i put them in the white slots
2: i updated the drivers except of the wirrles adaptor i cant find it...
for now it works any ideas?

please help!!!i ve done everything you said and the blue screen stills coming on.............

1) Put the memory back how it was.

2) Post new crashes that have happened, to see what you may have missed.

3) Run CPU-Z. Make a screen shot of the spd tab and the memory tab. Attach here too.

4) Download and burn Memtest86+ and have it ready to use.

ok i ll do everything..give 5 minujtes...i have memtest allready.i run it again and it has no error.

Memtest needs at least 8-10 hours to see if RAM is bad.

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