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I have two Lenovo laptops, one for work and one for home. They are both running Windows 7 professional. The work laptop is the x210 and is the one I am having problems with. When I am at HOME it does not shut down and sits on the blue shutting down screen requiring me to force shut down. This only happens at home. It does not happen at work or when I am travelling (in a hotel, at parents home etc.)

At first I thought it was my router so I switched routers from Netgear to Linksys. Still does it. I have no peripherals plugged into the laptop (no mouse, no monitor - nothing). My home laptop which is also a Lenovo has no problem shutting down. This is really weird because my work laptop does not have this problem anywhere else (it only happens at my house). I have received a lot of advice from many people but nothing has solved the problem. It happens every time and I have attached the dmp file from last night (I don't know how to open or read it).

I realize a blue screen problem is usually a driver issue but how can it be a driver issue if it doesn't have this problem at a hotel or starbucks or at my parents house?

I really appreciate any help that can be given.



Hey, no problem...welcome.

Your issue is with Apsx86.sys.

Apsx86   Apsx86.sys   Thu Oct 08 22:21:37 2009
This is a driver for Lenovo's ThinkVantage.

I'd simply uninstall that.


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Thanks TorrentG,

I renamed the driver rather than deleting it and it caused a bunch of problems so I restored from a day earlier. I am going to investigate if I can uninstall the ThinkVantage tools to see if that makes a difference.

Yep, that's precisely what needs to be done to remove the driver. Cool.

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