Blue Screen of Death and Recover from serious issue...

I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I at first had issues of my USB ports stopping to work. The mouse and keyboard all of a sudden would not work. I did some googling and found a post about how in Windows 7 is shuts the USB ports down or something to save battery (initially something laptops to save battery). I went and disabled that and so far mouse and keyboard have been working fine ever since.

Now however I am having a issue in which if I use my USB flash drives, and I start to transfer something it will either freeze almost right after start, or almost before its done transferring. It then says the place I was transferring to is no longer available, in other words its not seeing my flash drive anymore. It like kicks it out. I've tried 2 different ones.

During transfer it does not always but more so than not, when it stops and freezes up it auto restarts and gives a Blue Screen of Death.

I leave a webcam on running with a program that will email me clips of movement in the room the camera is set up on. Sometimes when I get home the camera program is off and the computer has restarted itself. When I log back in, it tells me the computer has recovered from a serious issue or something like that.

All these issues are related to USB related things, the USB webcam, the Flash drives. This had never happed in Vista, this is only since upgrading to Windows 7. I really like Windows 7 but this issue is really putting me off from encouraging friends to update.

Please help.

My computer specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate
AMD Phenom X4 9750 (2.4 GHz)
Hard Drive 750 GB Standard
256MB (shared) Nvidia GeForce 9100 integrated graphics


I'm disappointed that no one has been able to suggest an answer to this. I'm experiencing the same problem.

I got no help here, I ended up finding a solution myself.

KB976972: Fix Windows 7 Copy File Error On Nvidia USB EHCI Chipset

In case others are having related issues, read that over and see if its what you are having issues with and perhaps this will work for you. My PC has not had any problems whatsoever.

Amazing. The hotfix did the trick and also apparently fixed some other ongoing problems that I've been having.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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