Blue Screen Of Death, no idea whats causing it

I have attached my minidump files, and the system info, so please cause someone analyse them, and help me.



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081312-35396-01.dmp - Caused by the "Intel AHCI SATA controller" driver
fffff880`01032000 fffff880`013d6000 iaStor Wed Nov 30 04:39:19 2011 (4ED5A567)

081412-26910-01.dmp - Could be caused by the "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570" driver
fffff880`0f611000 fffff880`103d3000 nvlddmkm Tue May 15 09:35:36 2012 (4FB20748)

Check if there are any newer versions of them.

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Thank you very much for analysing the minidump files for me, I will addresse the stated drivers, and give the of 2 days to make sure the blue screen has gone.


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