Blue screen of death on startup (but not always)


Ive installed Win 7 about 3 wks ago.. I LOVE IT.. it goez smoothee and fast.. but theres just one thing that is bothering me.. Sumtimes while starting up, i get a blue screen error.. but the error code i have not taken down.. but the text is often diferent.. one which i remember is Driver IRQL not less ot equal.. i dont understand it cums may be once in 3-4 startups.. after it comes, i restart my laptop and it starts up.. :S not sure wats happening.. im using laptop HP Pavillion DV7 with AMD Turion 64 x2, 3 GB ram, ATI Mobility HD3450 graphics card..

Although itz not a big problem as right now also i am typing this on my same laptop and same win 7... it started up properly this time.. but i am worried if it kept on happening for long ( i mean i hav to restart again and again) it will leave a bad sector on my hdd.. :(

I was and still am suspecting problem with my USB bluetooth dongle.. coz even after win starts, it gives a driver error for the bluetooth dongle and it does not work.. however i tried removing it and restarting but still the error came:S

i am unable to diagnose the problem.. please help coz i dun wanna remove win 7 just coz of this stupid problem! i like win 7 a lot and am happy i got rid of that bloody vista!

thanx in advance!


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Hi Abdur,
glad you like 7 although you mention nothing of drivers. The blue screen sounds like a driver conflict somewhere.. Have you got the latest versions installed?
Also could you please list your make and model...

Possible solution.

I have been having this same issue with my Toshiba L305d-S5881 laptop with the same AMD Turion X64 processor and 3GB of RAM. Googling this problem is what led me to your post and hopefully to your solution. According to this person, and many people who read his post, one of the updates M$ put out does not play nice with all computers. He specifically talks about HP's having the issue, but that many others have it as well. He says that by uninstalling that update through safe mode, you should be good to go. Give it a go and let me know what happens. I am at work now, but will be trying it when I get home.
Here is the link to his post telling you which update to remove: Fix: Windows Vista 64-bit Gets Blue Screen After Windows Updates | Techerator

Edit: Sorry, didnt realize until I submitted that the fix actually says it is for Vista. In the post, it specifically mentions the dv4 and dv6 though, so it may still be worth looking into.

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If you can look at the administrator logs in the "event viewer" it will probably tell you exactly what's conflicting

yeah i saw but it is for vista man! anyway thanx! let me know if u cum across sum solution!

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