Blue Screen Of Death

Hey Guys i am new here i got blue screen of death when i play NFS underground after some time then BSOD in windows no crushes at all just when i play Games please help tell me what info u need and i give u


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Is the game available for Windows 7 ?
If not, right click on the short cut which starts the game, then Properties > Compatibility > Run this program with compatibility mode for Windows XP (or whatever OS you had when it was working properly).


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Looks like you're running Windows XP Sp3.
According to the dump file the problem would seem to be with zd1211u.sys dated 8-16-2005, associated with 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Compact USB Adapter.
Consider addressing this first by either rolling back the driver (assuming that it worked well at some point) or preferably obtaining the latest update for the driver.

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Thanks for your respond i try update thise driver zd1211u.sys and if i have more bsod il update them hope my system will stable now =P

Dam i got Another BSOD now it something else il upload Latest DMP file


No, it's from the same issue.

Try a Windows Update and see if it has a newer driver for you to install. Let us know...

If not, go in the device manager. Right click on the adapter. Properties. Details tab. Change the dropdown to say hardware ids. Copy/paste the results below to here.

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[lang=iw]Here you Go the information hadware ids u asked


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Update the driver from here and see how it goes:

Abocom System, Inc

If no good, purchase a new adapter to use and uninstall the software for the current adapter and remove it from the system.

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i think i got now different Blue Screen of Death not Wireless one Uploading latest Dump


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No sense in posting crash dumps any longer, so please don't. We told you may times what the issue is.

Update the wireless driver. If you can't, uninstall the software, remove the adapter from the machine and purchase something new to use.

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[lang=iw]can i remove it completly from system and when i play whitout the usb wireless i still got Bsods if thre no usb why bsod =([/lang]

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You have to uninstall the wireless software as I've said.

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[lang=iw]ok if thise all happened beacuse of wireless usb and i cant upddate it i will connect internet trow Ethernet Cable then if i get bsodd can i upload them?[/lang]

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You will not have crashes any longer after the software and driver are uninstalled...but yes, long as you have uninstalled the wireless software.

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[lang=iw]i unistalled the wireless from add/remove from device i checked no longer and i removed from regedit if i forgot something pls tell me now i connecter directly too routher[/lang]

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[lang=iw]after i unistaled the usb wireless and connect directly still got BSOD =((( i upload latest dump if it wirless again i will format and let u know new dumps whitout wirless being installed at all

thx you for trying help me i really glad i am not alone whith thise :)[/lang]


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Sure thing, no problem. Well, you have removed the issue that has caused all previous crash dumps.

2 things now:

1) Do a Windows Update and if it has any drivers to install, let it install them. (I usually never say to do this, but in this case, it's good.)

2) Tell me which motherboard you have. Use CPU-Z mainboard tab to look if you don't know. Google for CPU-Z to find it.

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In the meantime, also do these things:

1) Install MSE -

This is so your machine is protection from malware and it is always in action.

2) Download, install, run then update the definitions is Malwarebytes (Google for it.) Then let it scan the machine and remove all it finds. This is the same thing as MSE above, only you have to run it yourself instead of it always working. It will find things that MSE might not have removed.

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i did windows update check and on Express Hadware was 0 Software was 8 i installed everything. my main board is ASUS P4S533MX

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