Windows 7 Blue screen on startup in all modes


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I installed RC1 (64bit) a couple months ago and it was working great. Today quite randomly my computer froze. I held the power button down and turned it off, but now it won't start up again.
At first the only thing that happened was the computer would turn on but the screen would show nothing. I turned it off again for a couple minutes and tried again. This time it got to the windows starting screen before flashing a blue screen and restarting. I tried doing windows repair, but it gets stuck on loading files, or it goes to a black screen with a red bar at the top.
Safe modes and last good config all get blue screens.
When i do the disable auto restart option ii get one of three blue screens.
the blue screen either says Bad_Pool_Header, a driver was found trying to corrupt my system, or a problem has been detected (Stop: 0x0000007E).
most recently the blue screens have been the latter.

any help would be greatly appreciated.