Blue screen

Hello, I have just built a new system and keep getting the blue screen it comes up at random times and It comes up at least once a day, Hopefully these are the right files, cheers. Ben


Hello and welcome.

Please boot to safe mode and use the Norton/Symantec tool found here to clear your machine of all of its files. I see you have since removed the software in the normal method. This will ensure that all of its remnants are removed as well. I recommend installing MSE as the antivirus since it will never bsod on you and is excellent on resources.

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Please post a new crash dump after doing this, should it become necessary. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, I have removed Norton and will post up a new dump file if needed, cheers. Ben

It came up again :( But while I was in safe mode it didn't? Ben


All the drivers look excellent by eye. There's none I could even recommend to update.

Two things to suggest:

1) Run Driver Verifier in the hopes it will point to the problem in the next dump(s) you post. Here's how:

Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista - Tech Support Forum

2) Use Memtest86+ to test the memory overnight. If you're also up to it, it could be run on one stick of RAM at a time, while all others are removed. This is the best way to single out any defective RAM modules.

I would also make sure that the bios is set manually for the RAM timings, frequency and voltage that the manufacturer's website shows. Use CPU-Z to get the exact memory module brand/model.

Hello, I will run the Driver Verifier, And will do the memtest tonight one stick at a time, will let tyou know how it goes, cheers. Ben

Hello, I done the memtest on 1 stick of ram and that came out o.k, But with the other stick of ram in by it's self it won't even bring up windows, It goes into repair but won't find problems the bar just keeps moving, Im going to replace the ram and see how it goes from there, Thanks for your help. Ben

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