Windows 7 Blue Screens with 4GB RAM


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May 20, 2009
Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
Video: NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT w/512MB
RAM: Kingston HyperX PC3200

I loaded 64-bit Windows 7 RC with only 2GB of RAM. I recently bought an additional 2 GB of RAM and when I installed it, Windows 7 starts to boot then see a quick blue screen and reboots.

1. Removed the RAM and Windows 7 boots up fine.
2 Took the old RAM out and install the 2 new RAM sticks (slot 1 and 3), again boots fine.
3. Moved the new RAM to slot 2 and 4, boots up fine.
4. Put new RAM in slot 1 and 2 and old RAM in slot 3 and 4, Crash
5. Removed RAM from slot 4, boots up fine.
6. Moved RAM from slot 2 to slot 4, boots up fine.
7. Typed BCDEdit /set PAE forceenable, shutdown and installed last RAM, windows crashes.

So no matter what I do, Windows 7 will run fine with 3 GB, but crash when I install 4 GB. My motherboard supports 4 GB of RAM, just seems the Windows 7 I have does not. In the process of trying to reinstall Windows 7 with the 4 GB installed to see maybe that will resolve it. Any idea what could try before reinstalling?
Problem resolved

Upgraded the BIOS to 1805. See all 4 GB of RAM now. Just don't have any sound now. lol.
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