blue wmc volume box pops up with every sound made


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Morning All,

I have got a really odd problem, every time my computer makes any kind of sound I get a blue rectangular box in the top right hand corner of my screen with a number, the volume level displayed. It fades after 3 seconds but pops up EVERY time a system noise or you tube or mp3 etc is played
I am running windows 7 with an acer revo nettop connected by HDMI to my lcd tv
It only appears when HDMI audio is selected (which is all the time for me!)

It is the Windows Media Centre volume icon. I have attached a screen grab and circled it

I have completely disable windows media centre in control panel, windows programs and features,
I have also reinstalled all sound and hdmi drivers

Please have a look at the attachment

Thanks for any ideas



I understand the blue volume box on top is not a gadget, right?

Does the box pop up when your Media Center is running?


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Its not a gadget, it is the volume box for windows media centre. It appears EVERY time a noise is made
The funny thing is that wmc has been completely disabled in control panel. It is somehow coonected to my HDMI

Thanks for your reply


I am experiencing the same issue you are described. Did you end up resolving the issue?

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