Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

I get a bluescreen saying something about restarting a graphics driver and then the computer restarts itself, didn't get a screenie yet!

The driver I'm using is the latest for my graphics card, and did work fine until:

My laptop's screen died
I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers in safemode (probably stupid) using an external monitor
Tried different drivers (XP, Vista, Win 7 and those of the manufacturer) in compability mode with different external monitors
But none would detect my external monitor(s)/projector... heck I even coded an inf
So right now I've coded a bat file to change the Nvidia control panel settings
And am mostly ineffectivly playing around with it since it doesnt seem to work for me. Since I can't see it's really hard to tell whats going on during a normal startup.

When I reinstall the latest drivers I recently found that after leaving the computer be for 3-4 min, a blue screen appears.

This is the dump: (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh **** this, I can't use your add attachment thingy without shockwave flash/graphics drivers. I'll add the dump later!)

Any ideas?

Worth noting is that with the latest drivers installed, which most likely causes this BSOD the monitor is ON as in, it not saying "No signal", it's plain black.

In the mean time: Is it possible to somehow force windows to use a higher resolution than 640x480, 16 colours btw? Without graphics adapter drivers? Can you make a "fake" driver?

I've tried posting on some forums but have yet to get a decent response from anyone, so I'm getting kind of fed up with this Windows 7 crap. Sorry if it shines through.

Am using:
Windows 7, latest updates and all
GeForce Go 7600 (ohh and I know the Go 7 series are not supported, and its totally irrelevant since it did work fine before, using the reference driver)

Hello, welcome.

Boot to safe mode + networking. Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to another folder then zip them. Attach the zip here and we'll see what we can do.

Anyhow, it's not prudent to blame your problems on Windows 7 when you have a broken laptop screen.


Here it is!

Thx in advance!


Wow, a complete mess on this machine.

It's a 0x116 video tdr timeout error. Usually means defective video card. Here are steps you need to take to try to fix it, if not hardware defect.

1) Uninstall MagicDisc completely. Reboot. Replace with PowerISO.

2) Update your very old Conexant modem drivers.

3) Update this driver or uninstall the software:

Mvc25U870 Mvc25U870.sys Fri Jan 13 10:39:43 2006

Here is what it is:

Mvc25u870.sys driver | What is Mvc25u870.sys file?

4) Visit Intel's site and update your ethernet driver from there "Intel(R) PRO/1000 Adapter"

e1e6232 e1e6232.sys Fri Jun 05 15:07:54 2009

5) Update Conextant HD Audio driver. If there is no update, this could be the cause still:

CHDRT32 CHDRT32.sys Mon Mar 03 15:10:37 2008

6) Also at Intel's site, update the storage driver:

iaStor iaStor.sys Wed Oct 12 15:07:10 2005

7) Definitely update video card driver:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Fri Jan 30 13:05:03 2009


8) Uninstall Entech software:

se32 se32.sys Thu May 03 01:49:52 2007

Se32.sys | what is Se32.sys file?

1 - Check
2 - Check
3 - Can I just delete it? I have no idea which software it belongs to.
4 - Check
5 - No update, unlike I run Vista drivers in compability mode? Or temporarily disable, how?
6 - hmmm.... Intel's site's a mess. Will do later.
7 - nvlddmkm.sys, does just replacing the nvlddmkm.sys file to a newer one help? I rather not update the drivers, cause the driver package is a package I am sure of is working with my computer. Or well did... Thing is I'm trying to get a picture, and rather do that with drivers that worked month ago, unlike you dissagree?
8 - Check

I realize that it will likely provoke an error just deleting the 3) , but would it risk provoking a BSOD error 116? If not, might as well kill em off, can always add em back.

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Btw: Storage driver as in the 5-1 slot combinated bla bla reader thingy? Or do you mean some other storage device?

Intel site is simple as can be to use. If you rather not do something, please go elsewhere for help. We are not your personal service where you can pick and choose what you want to do or not do, and then put it off on us to figure out the hows, whats or whys in the aftermath.

We don't exist here for you to choose what you want to do and then make our job impossible.

hence the will do later

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