BLUESCREEN error message!!

I just installed the my new ATI HD4670 and my system is running windows 7 and so far so good,driver(catalyst 9.6) worked fine until i tried playing some games(nba 2k9,devil may cry 4...)!Screen just hangs and flashed a BLUESCREEN:eek:!!When I read the description of the problem,it says the driver got stuck or something and then restarts.It also happens on some applications.I was wondering if it was on the driver problem(as the bluscreen says) because the installation of the driver was completely smooth!Any suggestions,anyone on what caused the bluescreen?.....thanks!!

set up:
core2duo E4500 2.2 Ghz

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Windows 7 and drivers for it area still in beta. I would report this to ATI, they will need to fix it in the next release if it is indeed a problem with the drivers, or you may have to wait till RTM and for drivers to mature.

Most likely it is a driver issue, although I have not played any games in 7 yet, haven't had time to test gaming. I have an nvidia, so results would not be the same.

I see.I tried lowering the overclocked values and the bluescreen error didn't occured so far.So maybe it is a driver issue.I guess i'll have to give it some time and see if it will not crash again before I give up on windows 7 and go back to XP:frown:.
Thanks for the reply anyway.

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