Bluescreen + freezing problem

Okay, i tried to make this topic right, i added the zip too.

Specs: Amd Athlon x2 6000+
Ati Radeon 4770
Asus m2n
4GB Ram - 800mhz (currently running on 667mhz)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I had this problem before i installed the system all over again couple of days ago, but after that it still was going on. I have used w7 pretty long time and these bluescreens and problems just started a while back, at first nothing and i was happy.

Bluescreens doesnt appear when i open certain program or anything, it can happen anytime. My computer also started freezing couple of times and i need to boot from power button. That happened many times, and it didnt watch what programs i was using atm. Also when i play a game, it runs maybe 1min or maybe 1hour nicely and then windows spots a problem and it has to be shut down. That same problem is with Bsplayer and Microsoft media player classic when i watch videos.

If you need more info, and im sure i forgot something, just ask and im happy to give more info :)

Please help, this is driving me crazy.


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Hello and Welcome !

Seems there the Dump are point to few System Core files which may not be the actual cause.
First run a Hardware Diagnostics Hardware Diagnostic !!

Update the Following Drivers

nvm62x64.sys Sat Oct 18 02:31:06 2008 
ASACPI.sys   Mon Mar 28 08:00:36 2005
Follow this link for assistance Driver Troubleshooting !!

Follow this link and enable Driver Verifier Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Drivers - Windows 7 Forums

Good Luck,

I ran the memtest and it was fine, now im tryin to update those drivers but i dont exactly know what drivers to download from nvidias site? Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

And that ASACPI.sys is not that clear to me either. I really am sorry for trouble but i really could use some more help with those :)

And btw if these help, versions of those drivers currently are:

nvm62x64.sys - File Version:
ASACPI.sys - 1043. 3. 2. 2

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Just got another bluescreen, attached that to this post.


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Regarding ASACPI.sys go to Drivers folder and rename ASACPI.sys to ASACPI.old. Then Reboot the PC. The new Dump is pointing to afd.sys i.e Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock could be something to do with your NIC card driver. For nVidia try this Driver NVIDIA DRIVERS 15.25 WHQL

Good Luck,

I renamed the file and bootet my computer. I uninstalled the nvm62x64.sys and installed the nvidia drivers, there was options what parts of drivers i want to install, so i put them all, there was ethernet yms. My internet connection has been on and off all the time too, and i think that may fix it, now im just waiting to see if it stays connected. Erm..before i was able to send this message my internet connection was lost. Also the game problem is still happening, just tried to play Bad Company 2, i am able to see the first demo before actual gaming but then it just shuts itself down, and no error or anykind of notifications?

Now i noticed that when i go to device manager, there is yellow singh on ATK0110 and that has something to do with nvm62x64.sys if i remember right from other forums. It wasnt there untill i renamed that file and installed those drivers. I tried to update driver from device manager but it says "windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date"

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Yes ATK0110 belongs to Asus Utility the one which we renamed. You could uninstall all the Asus related utilities. Sill your getting BSOD ?

Again 2 bluescreens. I haven unistalled any drivers, becouse im not sure witch ones are asus. Is there some list that i could give you, so that i dont unistall anything important?

btw, i havent installed motherboards drivers becouse i was said so that w7 doesnt need one, and didnt before?


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Did you ran Memory Test ? If now Download MemTest86+ and run atleast 6 passes. More detail is there in the link i posted before in Hardware Diagnostic. Look-up your Motherboard model and download the latest drivers from manufactures website and install MB drivers. Don't trust drivers that comes from Windows Update.

- Captain

I would uninstall Avast as it may be causing the issues. Here is a special tool to use in safe mode:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

If you have Daemon Tools installed, please uninstall that. I don't see sptd.sys which is usually on the system too, so you don't have to worry about that.

PowerISO is a stable replacement under Windows 7.

Here is an updated driver to install for the video card:

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM

I had all of those programs long time before problems started, so i dont think its about them? I downloaded ati drivers now and i am searching for mb drivers, lets see what happens.

You're getting 0x124 errors. Because of that, it really would be best to remove the apps mentioned if (when) further crashes happen as a troubleshooting approach.

Now my games dont crash that easily, i foun drivers for my video card that were better. Bluescreens havent been that many, maybe 1 one 2 days but that was when i was still testing drivers and stuff. Thanks for help, ill come back if somethin comes up :)

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