Windows 7 Bluescreen that I would love to have fixed.


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Jun 28, 2013
Okay so whenever I'm playing games I always get this bluescreen. It didn't really bother me until now. I would love to have help on how to get rid of this bluescreen or what is causing it.

Thanks in advance!


Had to upload to a different site because the file uploader through the forums wasn't letting me upload it. Even if it was a .zip file.

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There appears to be a serious issue with your drive. It - or its subsystem - is reporting that it is not ready for operation. I would do the following:

1. Update BIOS
2. Update chipset drivers
3. Update AVG antivirus or replace with another AV solution
4. Reconnect and perhaps clean data/power cables to your drive(s) from both drive and mobo/card ends.
5. Uninstall Daemon Tools.
6. Run CHKDSK /R followed by SFC /SCANNOW (you need to run SFC from your Windows install disc, not from drive).

All of those are relevant to ensuring nothing else is getting in the way of healthy disk I/O. If none of those options work, replace the drive. Honestly, though, I'm pretty confident the drive itself has gone bad.

My BIOS has been updated ever since I got this computer and they haven't released any more versions of it.
I just updated my chipset drivers.
I replaced AVG with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
I will attempt to clean the cables.
Daemon Tools have been uninstalled.
And I did chkdsk. But I don't have a windows install disc as it did not come with my computer.

I don't remember if Malwarebytes has a live detection engine or not, but if it does, it's best to turn it off and leave Malwarebytes inactive until needed for the occasional checkup.

You can try to do SFC in the recovery environment on the drive (article linked also has instructions for that), but it's not as reliable for fixing issues should they come up.

For last effort, you can try to test the drive by sending us a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo output and then Seatools, doing only Short DST, SMART (if available) and Short Generic tests. If drive takes unusually long (5+ minutes for Short DST, 10+ for Short Generic) then that's an issue with the drive itself. Understand these only do read tests and pretty simplified versions if that, so they're not comprehensive testing. If nothing comes up bad on the tests, that does not rule out the drive, but if something does come up, the drive becomes extremely suspect.

I have done the SFC through command prompt. Apparantly CrystalDiskInfo is not finding my HDD. :l

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It happens sometimes, though sparingly. Just continue with the rest of the items. Have you still been testing to see if it crashes?

Well looks like it is my hard drive. Tried starting the computer today. Got BOOTMGR is missing.
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.
Tried changing the cables around. No luck.
Now i cant even get into windows.

Yep, figured as much. I apologize, I should've recommended first thing to backup your data on it. If you think it's got a chance, you can use Link Removed to start pulling stuff off of it. If you want to try a full disk clone, PartedMagic has in its console/shell menu Clonezilla, which will do that job admirably, provided the drive still lives to go through it.