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    Ok i upgraded from xp32 to windows 7 build 7100 x64 and i get random bluescreens when i download. Its very random sometimes i get lucky and it won't but i hardly get through a 30meg file without it bluescreening. Using steam games download it happens very often so cant get my games.

    Thought it could be a memory problem but have done a windows memory diagnostic tool test and had no errors and come to conclusion that playing games like Assasins creed and Prototype for like 5/6 hours without a problem means its not a hardware/software its just a bug with downloading.


    Motherboard - Asus p5k
    Processer - Intel Quad Q9550 @ stock
    Graphics card - Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX
    Memory - 4gb Corsair DD2 Twinx 8500

    - No yellow flags in Device manager

    Anyway here is a image of the bluescreen


    And after i turn it back on this comes up in a window


    Well thats really all i can think of to put on here if you want anything else say...
    I might try a full clean install but im quite a noobie with formating and thought installing the windows 7 formated the HD and reading some posts on here i guess it dont. So if anyone can help me out here as well would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance :)
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